How Is the Welding Industry Evolving?

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Like almost every other industry on earth, the welding industry is evolving to incorporate greater levels of automation and robotics, while also tapping into the data insights that artificial intelligence provides. Together, these new technologies have made the welding industry more efficient, more robust and more flexible. Let’s take a look at some of these advances in welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ.

Welding automation

It’s obvious that, in the future, most large-scale and small-scale welding and fabricating will rely on automation. Human programmers will be involved in programming machines for the foreseeable future, and will also be freed up to do the more creative work of designing the products and structures that will actually be fabricated or built. They will become less and less involved in the welding and construction process, especially the more dangerous parts, but for now, humans are mostly working side by side with their automated colleagues.

Machines don’t get injured, they don’t have off days and they reliably fabricate materials to the same level of quality day in and day out. Because of this, as these machines get more and more affordable, and more able to do the delicate or complex tasks that still require human expertise, they will eventually take over more tasks from their human counterparts. Eventually this will increase the quality of all of our products, while also decreasing their cost.

Productivity tools

For owners of welding businesses, one of the most exciting innovations has been the growing suite of productivity tools. These tools let shop owners and foremen keep track of welder productivity and machine productivity, so that their business models can be more specific and accurate. These tools can also help shop owners and foremen figure out how to get more productivity out of there welders by removing inefficient steps. These tools help companies understand, in a way they never could before, where their money is being made and where it is being lost, which makes it far easier for new businesses to cut the fat and succeed.

The future of robotics

Eventually, the advances in artificial intelligence, automation and robotics will collide, culminating in welding machines that are self-programming, self-repairing and can be put to a wider variety of uses with less down time. This future, while still years away, is one in which there’s a lower barrier of entry for those looking to start a business or sell a product that requires welding, and therefore one in which welding is more important and more ubiquitous even than it is now.

If you’re worried that robots will soon replace humans in every job, know that most forecast say that day is at least 50 years out. In the meantime, enjoy the higher-quality, more affordable products. They’re better, safer for you and your kids, and they were made by automated robots.

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