How Will Welding Automation Affect Our Future?

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Even with everything else there is to worry about these days, it is becoming common to see frantic “automation is going to put everyone out of work” articles running in respectable newspapers and magazines. The case they make is the same as the case that’s been made against automation since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Personally, at our welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ, we don’t see the future as being quite that grim. In fact, we’re quite optimistic about it!

The future of welding

Automation means that, in the future, you won’t need to be a big company to have a big footprint. Automation means that we will have a more productive, less expensive workforce. Rather than being a tragedy for the worker, this actually means that the cost of entry for creating products that require welding will be much lower. The additional welding capacity will represent an opportunity, both for large factories who will have additional capacity to rent for revenue, and for small creative producers who will be able to enter the market in a way never available to them before. This will move the emphasis from production to design, meaning that, overall, we’ll see the quality of our products and small business steadily increasing over time. While this may mean fewer medium-sized companies, it will likely also mean a lot more smaller businesses.

The future is not here yet

This future is still a ways off. Welding automation has come a long way, but the promised artificial intelligence boom has yet to take these welding products to the next level, such that human beings are no longer needed in the production process. So far, the AI revolution has helped make humans better at what they do, helping them get better efficiency from their lines, from their workers and from each work hour.

Today, humans are still required to oversee and program the machines, as we said, although one day in the future, it is likely that the machines will be able to program themselves. This will lower the barrier of entry to making products that require welding even that much more.

What’s happening today?

Even though the future of totally independent welding robots is still some ways off, we can see that these changes are already started to take hold. Advanced automated robotic welding cells have come down in cost, meaning they’re not just for enormous manufacturing entities any more, and we’ll continue to enjoy this trend—better, more efficient and more affordable machines––for years to come. Because of this, we believe it makes sense to remain cautiously optimistic when it comes to the future of automation. We’ll all benefit from higher-quality, more-affordable products, produced more sustainably and with fewer middlemen.

Running a welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ, we often spend our time thinking about the future of welding. In fact, as we’ve been in business providing welding supplies to Phoenix area customers since 1969, we’ve been right there on the cutting edge, watching as the future of welding unfolds. If you’re a welder who takes pride in your work, why don’t you find a welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ that takes pride in serving only the highest-quality products in the area? Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. is a one-stop welding supply store with a smart, knowledgeable staff that takes pride in providing excellent service. Come in today and see us!

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