How to Safely Use Cutting and Grinding Welding Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

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Welding is a profession or hobby that requires using a variety of sharp tools, heavy machinery and welding products, like gases and propane. It opens you up to hazards, which can be avoided with responsible welding practices. Needless to say, safety in the workshop is extremely important, including learning how to use the equipment and handling products the right way.

Here are just a few of the things you should know to stay safe when using cutting and grinding welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ.

Using resin-bonded wheels

The most common type of resin-bonded wheel is the Type 27 (depressed center) for grinding and cutting and Type 1 (flat) for cutting. These wheels are strong and get the job done, but they can still break apart when in use, sending broken pieces of the wheel in every direction. Take basic precautions to reduce the chances of getting hurt or injuring someone else:

  • Grinding with a wheel that’s designed only for cutting can result in injuries or property damage. This is because this type of wheel is not made to withstand the side pressure that comes with grinding.
  • Before mounting the wheel on the grinder, perform a visual inspection to look for damage, such as cracks or nicks. A big indication of possible damage is the fact that the wheel has been dropped. If you see any signs of damage, no matter how small, or if your gut is telling you it’s unsafe to use, do not use it.
  • Every wheel has a maximum RPM rating—do not go over this number. An example is a 4-inch wheel rated at 9,000 RPM. This shouldn’t be used on a 4-inch grinder bearing a no-load speed of 10,000 RPM. A common misunderstanding is that the load-operating speed is what cannot be exceeded.

Using the grinder

When it comes to actually using the grinder, here are some other tips to keep in mind so you’ll stay safe while working:

  • It’s definitely dangerous to use the grinder without a guard, so make sure you are always using the right wheel guard. Because tools are typically not required, adjusting the guard is quick and easy. Adjust the guard to leave as little of the wheel exposed as possible (the part exposed toward you).
  • Never use a questionable grinder, or one with an unknown no-load speed (RPM). Additionally, never use a wheel that is too big for your grinder, such as placing a 7-inch diameter wheel in a grinder that’s designed for a 6-inch.
  • Always remain in control of the grinder by using both hands on the side handle, keep the power cord away from the spinning wheel, use the ON/Off switches and never set the grinder down with the wheel still spinning.

Regardless of how much welding experience you have, to minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others, you must follow safety precautions. Also, take the time to learn how to properly use welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ. Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. offers welding classes and a selection of welding supplies, like FLEXOVIT abrasives and PFERD wire wheel and cup brushes. Contact us today to learn more!

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