Learn About the New Types of Lincoln Virtual Welding Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

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Are you curious about today’s virtual reality training systems? For learning and practicing welders, there’s a host of hands-on welding training simulators on the market, many of which are being used successfully in labs and classrooms across the country. Let’s take a look at some of the newest types of Lincoln virtual welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ.

Lincoln VRTEX 360

VRTEX systems are virtual reality arc welding training simulators that are computer-based to allow students to practice everything from basic to complex welding techniques. Beginners as well as more advanced welding training students can take advantage of this system, and instructors can also utilize it for testing purposes. The Lincoln VRTEX 360 is an advanced welding training system designed to be a training tool that is both easy to use and engaging for those wanting to learn. Features include:

  • It’s ready to use in minutes and supports all position welding, including flat, vertical, horizontal and overhead.
  • It offers user/machine interaction through the use of a touchscreen display with simulation software.
  • It features a tabletop coupon stand so welding coupons can be put in multiple positions. It can do so with or without the adjustable table to simulate real welding applications.
  • It’s fitted with a welding gun and stinger device for tactile feedback to add a realistic feel to the simulation. The simulated stinger retracts just like a real stick electrode would if melted off.


The REALWELD is a top-notch weld training solution that every welding instructor wants to have in their classroom. It has been shown to improve training results thanks to your welding students being able to practice, master techniques and learn to fix problems on advanced trainer welding equipment. Features include:

  • The REALWELD is an effective learning experience that lets students use their senses. For example, it includes an audio coach that guides welding speeds, aim, angles and proper distance and positioning. The audio can be turned off at any time so students can test out what they have learned.
  • Although it has a slim, compact design that makes it the ideal system for any weld booth setup, it provides an exceptional training experience. A big plus is that the unit can fit through most standard doors for easy installation or relocation.
  • Instructors like the system’s reporting capabilities. It gives instant feedback on student progress, as well as assignment and test results, allowing the teacher to help them in any areas that need improvement.
  • The system lets users create an unlimited number of customizable welding procedure specifications (WPS). It also allows instructors to create or modify WPS tolerances and student profiles using their personal laptop or office computer.

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