Make Sure You Start 2018 Off Right and Have All of the Welding Gases You Need to Complete Your Work

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It’s the new year, and with it comes that exciting sense of promise and starting anew that makes many of us spontaneously set out resolutions of everything we want to improve upon for the coming year. We take these resolutions and use them as fuel to drive ourselves forward to achieving our goals, and bettering ourselves.

For some of you, 2018 is the year that you’re finally going to take your welding work to the next level. For others, 2018 is the year you’re going to build yourself a workshop and finally, after all these years, start to perform the handiwork you’ve always wanted to do. And for still others, 2018 is the year you keep doing the work you’re doing, the way you’ve always been doing it, because you always work hard and put out only your best product. For all of you, we’ve got all the welding products you need for the work you plan to complete this year.

Let us tell you a little bit about our stock of welding gas in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Acetylene: This is used primarily for oxyacetylene welding and cutting. Acetylene releases a lot of heat when a primary flame, and is about the hottest flame produced of any consumer-level welder, getting up to temperatures of over 6000 degrees.
  • Argon: In welding, argon is used to create a shield of inert gas around a metal work piece when it is being welded, which helps keep any defects from being added in at the point of the weld. Metal casters also use argon to help remove pores from molten metal that end up as serious defects later. Argon is necessary for TIG welding setups, especially for aluminum welding.
  • Hydrogen: Hydrogen is used sometimes in plasma cutting and welding. Again, it provides a protection during high-temperature metal manufacturing, especially when welding stainless steel.
  • Oxygen: Oxygen is used only in limited plasma cutting capacities, and is sometimes mixed into shielding gases.
  • Propane: This has a lower temperature flame than other gases, especially when compared to acetylene. It’s generally used for cutting scrap, or for similar uses where cuts just need to be quick and so-so. Other gases are much better at precise cuts, but usually not as affordable as propane.

And we have many others, too! We supply major industrial, medical and specialty gases, and offer options for delivery. Take a look at our online product list to see about all of our offerings.

Find welding gas in Phoenix AZ

Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of welding products, including welding gases and welders, and additionally offers overview training specific to everything we sell. You’ll find that our knowledgeable staff is capably able to answer any question you have. So come see us today, or give us a call, and see why area welders trust us to provide their equipment and welding gas in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll take care of you like you were one of our own.

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