Seven Tips to Become a More Skilled Welder

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If you’re new to welding, or just looking to sharpen your skills and learn to make a stronger, smoother, more attractive weld with less work and worry, we’ve put together this list of seven simple tips that we think will help! Remember, nothing trumps experience. Once you’ve put in enough hours with your welder, you’ll begin to see that it becomes like an extension of you, and welds that were once difficult are now quite simple.

Without further ado, here are seven tips from a welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ to make your welds better:

  • Clean the work piece—over-clean it, even: Any amount of rust, dirt, grit or coating on your work piece is going to negatively affect your weld, and in an unpredictable manner. You should clean the piece before, and then clean the welded area immediately afterward with an after-weld cleaning product.
  • Choose the right welder and the right gas: If your welder doesn’t use a shielding gas, there’s only so much you can do to ensure it’s done cleanly. The shielding gas helps your weld purify as it is puddled into place. If you don’t have a good welder, such as a MIG welder, that uses shielding gas, perhaps you should consider an upgrade.
  • Make sure your metal is properly grounded: If your work piece is poorly grounded, it’s pretty much impossible to get a clean weld. Some kind of clamped-down ground works best, to make sure the piece stays grounded continuously.
  • Use an auto-dimming helmet: You can see clearly through them when you’re not welding, and they automatically dim when you begin welding. This keeps you from having to continuously lift and lower your mask. Saving yourself from all that fumbling allows you to focus more on your weld.
  • Try different wire sizes: One common problem when welds don’t look quite right is that the wire being used is actually too thick. Wire that’s too thick requires a much higher heat—sometimes that creates a problem because of a lower-quality welding setup, and sometimes that causes a problem because of uneven application. Either way, the problem can often be solved by switching to a thinner wire.
  • Have the right amount of stickout: You want to make sure you don’t have too much wire out when you weld, preferably around half an inch. More than that makes your weld less exact.
  • Invest in the best safety equipment: Welding is fulfilling work, but it certainly has its hazards. We suggest that everyone invest in good welding safety equipment, if they plan to weld in any capacity. Good gear can keep you from badly burning yourself, or others. Get good leather gloves, a good flame-proof work jacket and boots, and of course, the auto-dimming helmet we mentioned before. With the proper gear and precautions, and good old-fashioned hard work, you’ll be making the types of welds you can be proud of.

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