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The best employees and hobbyists are lifelong learners. Whether you’ve never touched a welding torch in your life or are an experienced welding professional hoping to perfect your skills, there are a number of benefits you may experience by taking part in a welding class.

Taking a welding class from a trusted local welding institution is a great way to learn and make connections in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons to consider joining welding classes in Phoenix, AZ:

  • High earning potential: Did you know that many entry-level welders earn incomes comparable to those possessing bachelor’s degrees? Entry-level welders can make between $30,000 and $55,000 each year, depending on their locale, specialization and more. As welders develop more skills and specializations, the earning potential only rises.
  • In-demand skill: Welding is an incredibly in-demand skill. It shouldn’t be too challenging to find a job in several different industries if you’re a trained welder. Additionally, the U.S. population of welders is continuing to age, meaning that there’s an increasing demand for young, talented welding professionals.
  • Self-directed: When you’re a trained welder, you’re largely in control of your career path. There are lots of opportunities for advancement and job changes once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy welding professional. There’s also the potential to start your own lucrative welding business. A number of companies are always on the lookout for welding contractors.
  • Make your own repairs: There are few things more rewarding than building and repairing your own stuff. If you’re an experienced welder, you can build and repair everything from automobiles to lawn furniture. Possessing welding skills, even if you just use them as a hobby, can allow you to customize and improve your personal possessions.
  • Experience satisfaction: Welders experience a high degree of job satisfaction. Because they contribute to the nation’s economy in a meaningful way and build something tangible, welders are often extremely satisfied with their roles in companies, lives and communities. Additionally, because welding is such an in-demand skill, it’s frequently easy for welding professionals to negotiate better working terms.
  • Continuing learning: Careers in welding allow you to become a lifelong learner. There’s no shortage of welding classes in Phoenix, AZ that you can take to advance your skills and your career. In fact, taking additional welding classes can help you develop lucrative specialties that will allow you to pursue additional career paths.

Since 1969, Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. has been one of the premier sources of welding classes in Phoenix, AZ. We are proud to provide each of our students with a high-quality, engaging learning environment that allows them to thrive. If you are looking for a unique and interesting way to test your skills and develop your welding acumen, you should consider joining our talented experts in our hands-on learning environment.

We also provide a comprehensive range of welding services and products, including welding machines, welding gasses and more. To learn more about our one-stop shop for welding education and supplies, contact one of our friendly representatives today.

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