How to Become a Welder

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Are you interested in a welding career? Is your dream job to work at a welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ, or do you hope to run your own welding shop some day? Every field requires certain training, equipment, knowledge and skills. Do you have what it takes to become a welder?

If this is your dream, take the following steps to get started on your welding career.


The first step is to learn about the field and about welding itself. Gain a good understanding of the demands of the job and what training you will need to complete. Then, research welding programs that could be options for you. Next, get welding experience. Learn the basic types of welding and practice them. Try to get into an apprenticeship program where you will receive invaluable training and be able to practice with skilled welders.


After you have gained experience, your next step should be to obtain certification as a welder. While this is not always necessary to perform welding work, you’ll be more likely to get ahead of the competition with official certification. This involves passing a basic welding skills test.

As you beef up your welding abilities and obtain certification, continue to broaden your skill set. Learn to read project plans and blueprints. Try new types of advanced welding. You want to make yourself as marketable as possible in the welding field.


With experience and certification under your belt, you’ll be ready to start applying for welding jobs. Look for a variety of positions and research them thoroughly. Apply to many, even if you think only one sounds like your dream job. As you search, be sure to keep your certification up to date. Don’t be afraid to work a variety of jobs. This is usually the best way to get experience at different types of welding. If possible, consider travel. Some large jobs require welders to work for a few months, then enjoy time off and travel to the next big job.


If you’re considering a career in welding, it’s helpful to speak to those already in the field. To learn more about jobs in welding, contact your local welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ. The experienced technicians at an established shop can prove to be a great source of information that is useful to would-be welders. Experts here can advise you on the latest trends in the industry, any equipment you should invest in to get started and what else you can expect from a career as a welder.

Consult with the Pros

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