We Have Welding Stores Throughout Phoenix, AZ—Come See Us!

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As a consumer, you want to spend your money at businesses that care about their customers and provide the highest quality service possible, but it’s not always easy to find businesses that meet those high standards. At Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc., we understand that our customers are looking for quality services and products and a professional staff, and that’s why we do our best to provide the best of all these things. We have several different welding stores in Phoenix, AZ so that you can always access our products and services conveniently, no matter where you are located. Why... View Article

What Welding Equipment in Phoenix, AZ Do You Need to Protect Yourself?

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No matter what industry you work in or what your specific role is, safety should always be your first priority. Safety is especially important in jobs that require contact with hazardous materials and potentially dangerous machinery. Without the proper methods and equipment, welding can be a very dangerous job. The good news is that there are several practical things that you can do to minimize the risks associated with welding. With the right protective welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, you can keep yourself safe on the job. Personal protective equipment for welding Because of the risks associated with welding, it’s... View Article

Trade School vs. College for Welding: Where to Get Your Welding Classes in Phoenix, AZ

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There is a constant high demand for welders, so if you’re interested in steady employment in a respected trade, this could very well be an ideal option for you. But you might be wondering how to get the training and certification you need. Is it a better idea to go to trade school or to college for your welding classes in Phoenix, AZ? Each option provides you with a viable path to a solid career as a welder, but you’ll have very different experiences in each option. Here’s a quick look comparing the two. Makeup of the program and courses... View Article