What Welding Equipment in Phoenix, AZ Do You Need to Protect Yourself?

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No matter what industry you work in or what your specific role is, safety should always be your first priority. Safety is especially important in jobs that require contact with hazardous materials and potentially dangerous machinery.

Without the proper methods and equipment, welding can be a very dangerous job. The good news is that there are several practical things that you can do to minimize the risks associated with welding. With the right protective welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, you can keep yourself safe on the job.

Personal protective equipment for welding

Because of the risks associated with welding, it’s important to wear protective gear for every part of the body and face. You can find personal protective equipment that’s designed specifically for welders at a store that sells welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a good idea to get product recommendations from a professional to help you select the equipment that’s going to perform as effectively and reliably as possible:

  • Eye protection: Welding without proper eye protection may leave you vulnerable to eye damage from radiation, flying debris and particles, sparks, extreme light and chemical burns. Wearing goggles with a welding helmet will keep your eyes and face protected from these hazards. In some cases, it’s recommended to wear an additional fire-resistant head covering underneath your helmet for added heat protection.
  • Respiratory gear: The welding process can create a significant volume of chemical fumes that are incredibly harmful if they’re inhaled. Respirators protect welders from inhaling toxic fumes and gases. Simple air masks aren’t sufficient to protect welders from all of the fumes created during welding, so it’s important to get a respiratory mask that’s graded for welding protection.
  • Skin protection: It’s important to keep your entire body covered when you’re welding. You should keep all of your skin, including your hands and feet, completely covered while welding. Wear fire resistant clothing to protect against burns, excessive heat and radiation. Insulated gloves and steel toed boots with rubber soles will keep your hands and feet protected from electric shock, burns and radiation.
  • Ear protection: Welding can be incredibly noisy, and all of that excessive noise can contribute to hearing issues. Earmuffs and earplugs can block out a lot of the sound created during the welding process. It’s important to select earmuffs that fit your head properly to ensure effective noise reduction.

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