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Welding equipment plays a major role in your industry. You spend thousands of dollars to get all the equipment and parts you need to do your job and do it well. Unfortunately, though, equipment doesn’t last forever—it’s inevitable that your welding equipment will fall into disrepair at one point or another.

When this happens, your business is at risk! You’ll want to take action as soon as possible and call for welding repair in Phoenix, AZ. Fortunately for you, you’ll have a reliable and experience welding repair company nearby to get things back up and running.

Why you’ll need welding equipment repair ASAP

There are many reasons why getting prompt and reliable welding repair in Phoenix, AZ is so important.

First, your welding equipment is an investment in your business. If that equipment takes a turn for the worse, you lose out on your return on that investment. The equipment might not work at all, causing delays, downtime and lost money for your business.

Second, broken welding equipment may still function in some capacity, but it probably won’t work in the way it was meant to. This might cause problems with your welding jobs, wasting time and money. Improperly functioning equipment can also pose a major safety hazard for yourself and your team. Using equipment in need of repair could lead to serious injury or damage to your other equipment or building.

Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. is your go-to welding repair company

When your welding equipment gets broken or stops functioning, you’ll want to select a high-quality repair company to restore it to its former glory. Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. is your local source of reliable welding repairs and equipment. We can repair it all, including plasma cutters, engine drives and MIG and TIG machines.

We are a certified repair facility for numerous brands, including Lincoln, Miller, ESAB, Victor, Kohler and Hypertherm. However, we can repair any and all major brands of welding equipment to meet all your needs, such as:

  • Lincoln Electric
  • Miller Welds
  • ESAB
  • Victor Technologies
  • Thermal Arc
  • Thermal Dynamic
  • Hypertherm
  • Kohler Engines

We also offer welding equipment rental. This is a great choice for business owners who can’t afford the downtime when an important piece of equipment gets sent in for repairs. Let us help you keep your business running smoothly!

And, while we can repair just about any welding equipment you need, sometimes, it’s better to take advantage of a break down and invest in a better model. If you’re interested in upgrading to new equipment when your old equipment breaks down, we can help you there, too! We don’t only do repairs—we also stock a complete range of products and equipment, including new and used welding equipment.

Finally, we all know that welding equipment can break down if it’s not being taken care of. For this reason, we offer scheduled preventative maintenance on welding equipment. Routine maintenance can keep your equipment in the best shape possible to prolong its lifespan and prevent breakdowns.

When you’re in need of welding repair in Phoenix, AZ, contact Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc.!

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