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Welding and metal fabrication are heavy industrial processes that are associated with a number of toxic fumes and gases. During the welding process, heavy metals and chemicals are vaporized, which releases significantly dangerous fumes into the air. Over time, these fumes can pose substantial health risk to your welding team, and they can seriously impact employee safety, production efficiency and more.

If you’re responsible for operating a welding facility, you should have a clear, thorough idea of how you’re going to handle welding fume extraction at your site. There are a number of different tools and technologies that metal fabricators can use to improve airflow in their sites.

It’s also exceptionally important that your team is trained on how to best use welding gas in Phoenix, AZ so as to minimize potential exposure and make the most of your fume extraction system.

There are a number of methods that you can use to reduce the fumes released during your welding and metal fabrication processes. Here are just a few to consider implementing at your industrial site:

  • Reducing fumes by weld style: Smaller weld beads melt less metal, thus generating few fumes. Savvy welders can change their welding style to minimize the fumes created during their welding process, which can facilitate a more healthful, welcoming environment for all. It’s important to remember that the volume of fumes generated directly relate to the amount of consumable you’re using.
  • Changing processes: Sometimes, switching up the welding process that you’re using at your shop may be the step you need to take to reduce the toxic fumes your employees are exposed to. Different welding processes create different levels of fumes. Could you reduce your fume output while achieving the same results? If so, you may want to consider implementing another welding process at your shop.
  • Personal fume control: Personal fume control solutions, like respirators, are one of the most significant ways in which employees can reduce their exposure to potentially toxic fumes at your welding shop. Even in shops with more robust whole-shop fume control technologies in place, it’s still advisable for employees to wear respirators or face filters.
  • Whole-shop fume control: There are a number of whole-shop fume control solutions worth considering for your operation. Regardless of the type of ventilation solution that you ultimately opt for, it should have hoods, fans and correct ventilation. The entire operation should be safe to walk around in without a respirator.

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