Tips for Choosing the Right Welding Shop in Phoenix, AZ

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Any time you’re looking into working with a professional welding company for a project you need to tackle, big or small, it’s important you take some time to research the options you have available to you and make sure you’re going with one that will give you the best results for your application. You should make sure to choose a welding company that has been legitimized by organizations that certify and inspect welding companies, inspectors and equipment. This can give you greater peace of mind that all of the welds will be of the highest quality and up to the standards approved by the certifying organizations.

With this in mind, here’s some information on choosing the best welding company for your job, courtesy of a welding shop in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Experience: It’s important to go with a welding company that has a sufficient amount of experience in various types of welding applications. Welders at a shop should have completed all the necessary coursework and training and should have enough experience to be certified. It’s helpful to work with welders that already have an established customer base and portfolio.
  • Knowledge: Certified welding companies have greater access to some of the latest knowledge and training with regard to how they’ll complete certain jobs, as well as course materials for ongoing education for all welders and professionals who work for the company. Certifying organizations also frequently offer information sessions, seminars and courses to update employees’ welding knowledge with the latest information and techniques. All certified welding companies are required to keep their employees up to date with the latest changes to codes and the various welding methods that exist.
  • Code: Every type of welding job has different codes with regard to the standard of welding required. Everything from small projects like smaller buildings and homes to large-scale commercial and industrial projects can have a wide range of welding needs and codes. So, if you see that one company is certified for a particular code and another is not, and you need to satisfy that code with your project, that should help you narrow down your decision rather easily.
  • Liability: Any company you choose to work with should have liability insurance. This way, if anything goes wrong or any accidents occur during the job, you’ll be covered for any damages or injuries that arise during the course of the welder’s work on your property.
  • Certification: We have mentioned this several times already, but it’s worth driving home the point that you should only work with a certified vendor for your welding. You’ll know a company is certified if it has a certification badge on its literature and website. You’ll spare yourself a lot of headaches by only working with certified vendors.

For more information about how you can choose the best welding shop in Phoenix, AZ for your upcoming welding, job, we encourage you to contact Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. today with any questions or concerns. We’re your top choice for welding equipment, repairs, classes, welding gas and anything else you might need!

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