Awesome Facts and Tidbits About a Welding Career

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Have you considered a career in the trades? Are you interested in working with welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ for a living? Here are just a few reasons why a career in welding might be right for you.

You don’t need a degree

College is more expensive today than it’s ever been before, and the rate at which tuition is increasing doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The good news is that you can get certified as a welder without having to spend the tens of thousands of dollars associated with a college education. In fact, it takes as little as nine months before you’re able to get certified and start making good money.

Numerous career paths

Welders are in constant demand in a wide variety of industries, so your career path is not limited. You can get into many different industries—more so than most other career choices. Some of the fields in which welders are frequently sought after include robotics, engineering, education, project management, inspections, manufacturing, oil and gas and much more.

Traveling opportunities

Want to get out and see the country and the world? Welding jobs are literally everywhere, which is another point to just how many opportunities and paths a welding certification can open up for you. Traveling jobs often pay very good money, and you’ll find them in large numbers. This is an especially great option if you are still young and aren’t tied down yet—you can go on the road and live a traveling welder lifestyle for a while, bringing in some big money before you’re ready to put down roots. You can work on pipelines, oil rigs, ships, military bases and facilities, shipyards and so much more.

High income potential

The amount of money you can earn from a career in welding is potentially substantial—in some cases as much as a doctor or lawyer. When you consider that a six-figure salary is possible without a college degree, that’s a pretty big benefit to a welding career. If you’re willing to travel or work in hazardous conditions, that’s really where the money is, but just about all welders are capable of bringing home a good income due to how in demand they are. Your career is generally what you make of it as a welder—the opportunities are there for you to make a lot, so long as you’re welling to seek them out and put in the necessary work.

Great career outlook

The demand for welders has been high for years, and you shouldn’t expect it to fade away any time soon. Welders’ prospects are not at all tied to the economy. So long as there is an industry that is thriving, it will likely need welders, and you’ll be able to jump from industry to industry without having to change careers or get much in the way of new training or certification. This is the kind of career security a lot of people would really love to have.

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