How Alternate Fuel Can Save You Money

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For over a century, humans have been using oxy-fuel for welding and other cutting projects. Acetylene is the most commonly used gas for this process, but over the last hundred years, we’ve made advancements. Is acetylene still the best gas for the job?

When you’re cutting steel, the vast majority of the costs are associated with the labor. But if you make the right choices in fuel, you can drastically reduce your costs without sacrificing your skilled workers. After all, you’re not going to want to skimp on skill, cutting tip, cutting type, cutting speed, thickness or any of the other factors that can make cutting and welding more expensive.

We’ve rounded up a few pro tips to help you decide if alternative welding gas in Phoenix, AZ can help you save money in your welding jobs.


Acetylene has long been used for cutting because it’s readily available. Fabricators are familiar with it, and it gets the job done. Since acetylene is a hot gas whose flame temperature approaches 5,700ºF and has a triple-bond C2H2, it works with heating, cutting and brazing. It’s slightly lighter than air and has high flame velocity that makes it easy to light.

Unfortunately, because acetylene has a limited number of producers, it’s more expensive, and the cylinders, which must be purchased in bulk, are similarly pricy. The other major con is that it’s not suited for cutting materials more than a half inch in bulk—at least, not if you want it done quickly.


Propylene has a slightly lower temperature than acetylene, but it can also be applied to a number of different projects, including cutting, gouging, heating, metalizing, flame hardening and more. Propylene has a longer pre-heat time, but once it’s heated, it cuts faster than any other gas, without slag. It can even cut metals up to 25 inches in length, and there’s no need for grinding.


Propane is a gas that has a high number of BTUs. It’s great for heating large parts or cutting steel that is thicker than an inch, but when it comes to smaller projects that require precision, propylene is better. Propane is a great option when the project actually requires slow cutting.

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