How to Choose the Right Abrasive for Your Project

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As you may already know, cleaning is an incredibly important part of the welding process. Cleaning a surface removes pollutants and inclusions so that you can do the best job without having to use multiple passes—which is better, as you’ll use less filler metal.

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Abrasive tools for welding projects

  • Bonding abrasives and grinding wheels: Performance is determined by grain type, size and bonding agents (which could be resins and/or additive fillers). Bonding abrasives are quite strong, and require an operator who can prevent gouging and undercutting. Aluminum oxide wheels are the most popular wheels for general purpose applications.
  • Coated abrasives or flap discs: Coated abrasives and flap discs are made of abrasive grains bonded to cloth; they offer a softer feel. The flaps wear away as the grinding continues, exposing fresher, sharper grains while also offering the opportunity to either work aggressively or finish and blend. They’re ideal for painting or priming jobs.
  • Wire brushes and wheels: Need to remove spatter or otherwise clean up your welding project? Use wire brushes or wheels to aggressively clean your work—but keep in mind that because the tips of the brush are the real workhorses, using the right pressure is critical. However, they use speed and efficiency to get the job done in significantly less time. Different kinds of brushes are good for different applications, so be sure to ask the Vern Lewis team about which welding supplies in Phoenix, AZ will get your job done.

Base materials and maximizing performance

  • Speed and size: Be sure that the size of the tool and the maximum RPM are appropriate for your project. You also want to make sure that you use the right tool—those with lower speeds won’t be able to reach maximum efficacy.
  • Pressure: Don’t push hard—let the brush tips do the work. The more you push, the less effective your brush tips will be.
  • Orientation: Always use your brush tips perpendicular to the work surface. This also helps prevent poor performance or damaged brushes. The angle you use will depend on the type of brush you use.
  • Timing is everything: Never linger in one spot, as this can lead to pitting and gouging.

Above all, pay attention to your tools and recognize when they’re ready to be replaced!

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