Plasma Cutting Broken Down

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Here’s your go-to source for information on plasma cutting. Whether you’ve never operated a plasma cutter or are an experienced plasma cutter welder in Phoenix, AZ, you’ve probably asked some of the following questions.

Use this FAQ as a reference as you use plasma cutters in Phoenix, AZ. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. for expert answers.

What is plasma cutting?

This process is used to cut electrically conductive materials. A plasma cutter in Phoenix, AZ uses a stream of hot plasma to cut through these materials.

What materials are cut with plasma cutters in Phoenix, AZ?

Plasma cutting is often used for cutting brass, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, as well as other conductive products.

Where do plasma cutter welders in Phoenix, AZ work?

Plasma cutting is a common application in a wide range of settings. It is used in automotive repair, fabrication shops, construction, scrapping and salvage operations. You’ll find plasma cutter welders in Phoenix, AZ everywhere from industrial facilities to hobby shops.

How does plasma cutting work?

This process requires a plasma (electrically ionized gas that is superheated and directed into an electrical channel). Through the use of a compressed gas, such as oxygen, which is blown through the material that is to be cut, and a grounding clamp, the welder creates an electrical circuit through the material and back to the plasma cutter. This generates an electrical arc in the gas. As the electricity travels through the plasma, it heats the material to cut it.

When was the plasma cutter invented?

Plasma cutting originated in the 1960s, when plasma welding was first used. In the 1980s, the method of plasma cutting gained popularity as a way to cut sheet metal. In these early days, plasma cutters were mostly used in mass production, as they were large and slow. As the technology has advanced, the applications for plasma cutting have grown.

What safety measures are important for plasma cutting?

Plasma cutter welders in Phoenix, AZ should always wear face shields and eye protection. The lens shade on the shield should meet current industry standards and OSHA regulations. This may vary depending on the amperage of the welding project.

How much does a plasma cutter cost?

In their early days, plasma cutters were expensive. In recent years, their price has become more affordable. What was once a method only professional welding shops could afford is now a tool that most hobbyists can enjoy. Portable varieties are available that offer great capacity at a low price. To compare current plasma cutter options, contact your local welding supplier.

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