What to Consider When Purchasing Your First Welder

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Just getting started out with welding? Whether you’re picking it up as a hobby or you’re actually interested in becoming a professional in the trade, at some point you’re going to need to purchase your very first welder of your own.

But how do you know which type of welder is going to be best suited for your needs? It’s always a good idea to consult with a welding professional or welding supplier when wondering whether you should buy a TIG welder or MIG welder in Phoenix, AZ, but here is a general overview of some of the considerations you’ll want to take into account.

Know the differences in the types of welding

There are several main categories of welding, so it is important to know which one you are most likely to be engaged in before making a purchase. Four of these categories are:

  • MIG welding: The easiest welding process to learn and the most common for DIY enthusiasts, MIG welding offers the potential for high welding speeds, greater control for thinner metals and cleaner welds with little slag. You can use the same equipment you’d use for flux-cored welding.
  • Flux-cored welding: This type of welding offers deep penetration for thick sections, and an increased metal deposition rate. You’ll find it more forgiving when welding dirty or rusty metal.
  • TIG welding: This type of welding offers the highest-quality, most precise welds, meaning it’s favored by skilled professionals. It provides attractive weld beads and allows for better adjustment of heat input while welding with a foot control.
  • Stick welding: This type of welding is best used for outdoor, windy conditions, and is more forgiving when working with dirty or rusty metals. It can also be used on thicker materials.

Determine which process will best fit your needs

Consider the kinds of projects you’re going to be working on with your new welder. Do you intend to create sculptures? Are you working on an old car or motorcycle? Maybe you’re simply doing some basic equipment repairs, or just want to try your hand at the trade. The types of materials and equipment you’re most likely to be welding will play a major role in the kind of welder you’re going to want to get.

Consider your budget

There are a variety of factors that will go into the kind of budget you’ll be working with. The amperage and power requirements for the welder you need will help you set your budget, as will the cost of the welder itself. You’ll also need to consider the costs for any accessories and supplies you’ll need to operate your new welder, as well as all of the safety equipment you’ll need to protect yourself. Consider also the prices of gas and consumables that you’ll need for the welding process.

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of purchasing your very first welder and what factors you should take into consideration, we encourage you to contact Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. today. We’d be happy to recommend which welder you should buy in Phoenix, AZ.

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