Propane Safety Tips When Welding

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Welding safety in Phoenix, AZ should be a top priority for any business that uses welding equipment. Maintaining proper safety protocols will help prevent injury and property damage and keep the business on the path to success.

As you set up shop and operate your welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, use the following tips for welding safety. For more expert tips, contact your local welding professionals at Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc.

Do your research

Before you operate any welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, you should always read the manual. Even if you believe you are familiar with the machinery, it is crucial to read through the operating manual. If it is not available, you should contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Online versions are usually available as well.

Wear your gear

Even if the welding job is small and simple, it’s crucial to wear the right protective gear. Never try to just “do a quick weld” without gearing up properly. Wear welding gloves, flame-resistant clothing and high-topped shoes.

Guard your face

In addition to the right clothing and gloves, protection for the eyes and ears is essential to welding safety in Phoenix, AZ. Use a proper welding helmet that features a filter shade, and wear safety glasses with side shields. To protect your hearing, wear ear protection as well. If others will be nearby the welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, make sure they use screens or barriers to protect them from the potential welder’s arc.

Protect your skin

Do not operate welding equipment with exposed skin. Wear long sleeves and pants. Use a welder’s apron for additional protection. As you choose your clothing, avoid collars, pockets and cuffs, as these can catch sparks.

Organize your shop

The welding area should be devoted solely to welding. Keep other objects out of the area to prevent fire and tripping hazards. Label all welding equipment and assign it a specific place in the workspace.

Ventilate your workspace

Always provide an exhaust hood for welding areas. Use respirators if needed for further protection. Remember, smoke and fumes generated by the welding process can cause serious health issues if inhaled.

Stop your shock

Moisture and welding equipment don’t go well together. Take precautions to avoid electric shock. Always wear dry gloves and inspect electrode equipment before each use.

Prioritize your safety

Make safety a part of your workplace culture. The building should be equipped with proper fire alarms, exits and fire extinguishers. All employees should be properly trained on safety protocols and emergency response procedures.

Get more tips

For additional insight into good safety measures for welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to the team at Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc. We offer a complete range of products and services, including welding gases, equipment and supplies, safety products and more. To ensure your safety as you operate your machinery, our experts also provide overview training specific to the machine you purchase, free of charge. Contact us today with any questions about our products and services.

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