What to Consider When Purchasing Your First Welder

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So, you’ve hopefully gone through the basic training required to operate a welder, and now it’s time to buy. If you’ve done the legwork before purchasing your first oxy-acetylene, arc, TIG or MIG welder in Phoenix, AZ, you know that there’s more to the decision than simply pointing and saying, “I want that one!”

Before you make your final choice, here are some questions to ask yourself to determine which kind of welder is right for you.

What is your level of expertise?

Depending on the kind of weld you’re hoping to accomplish, you’ll need one of a variety of different types of welding machines. Some of these, like the MIG welder in Phoenix, AZ, are relatively easy to use with little to no instruction. Other types of welder, like the TIG welder, are best handled by a seasoned professional. Before you light your torch, make sure you’ve had the training you require.

What are you welding?

As you know, different jobs will require a different kind of welding. For example, working with steel will allow welders to employ MIG, TIG or stick welding in Phoenix, AZ. Working with temperamental metals like copper, brass or other exotic metals like manganese, however, require the precise work only a TIG welder can provide.

Do you have safety gear?

When you’re working with any type of welder, you should be sure to put your safety and the safety of those around you first. In addition to making sure that you’re working in a safe area, be sure to have a complete complement of safety gear on, as well. Every time you start welding, be sure you’re wearing a set of welding goggles (or a hood) and a flame-resistant apron and clothing to maximize your comfort and reduce your chance of accidents.

How often will you use your welder?

When you’re going to the lengths to purchase a welder, it’s essential to consider what you’ll be using it for over the long term. Will you need to use it regularly, or will it be something you pick up from time to time to accomplish various projects? The answer will determine whether or not you should set your sights on a new piece of machinery or a used and reconditioned model.

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