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Depending on the type of welding machine you’re using, different gases will produce different results and effects. Gas can be used to heat metal, keep welds clean and shield the arc from dust, air and other debris. When you need gas welding supplies from your local airgas welding supply store in Phoenix, AZ, make sure to visit Vern Lewis Welding Supply, Inc.

Here’s an overview of different types of welding gas and what they’re used for:

  • Acetylene: Acetylene is highly flammable and combustible, and also one of the most expensive welding gases available. When mixed with oxygen, it fuels a flame hot enough for oxy-welding and oxy-cutting.
  • Argon: Argon is inert and is one of the most commonly found gases on earth. It’s used as a shielding gas to keep air away from the weld.
  • Carbon dioxide: You know that CO2 is the waste product we exhale while breathing; it’s another of the most commonly found gases on the planet. In welding, industrial CO2 is usually used as a shielding gas. Most welders prefer argon, since that provides a cleaner weld without spatter, but CO2 is less expensive. In its pure form, it’s used in carbon steel MIG welding, plasma shielding and flux core welding, but more often it will be used as a mixed gas.
  • Compressed air: Compressed air isn’t just for dusting your keyboards—it’s also a great tool in welding shops. Generally, you don’t want air in your welds, but you can use it to clean equipment as well. It’s also used in combination with fuel to preheat surfaces before you begin welding.
  • Helium: Helium is difficult to produce, and its supply is steadily shrinking, but it makes a good shielding gas for MIG and TIG welding. It’s also commonly mixed with argon to increase heat and assist arc starts.
  • Mixed gases: As you no doubt have learned from this list, many gases are mixed to produce enhanced or more consistent results. Be sure to ask your welding supply store tech for advice about which mixes produce the best results.
  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen is often mixed with other gases and has a variety of uses—blanketing gas, plasma cutting and laser welding are most common. Unfortunately, it does not work well for carbon steel.
  • Oxygen: Oxygen is a reactive gas that can be mixed with shielding gases to speed up the welding process, and make the melting pool more liquid. It can also be mixed with acetylene in order to create a flame hot enough to weld steel.

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