What’s the Best Welder for Home Use?

Jul 30, 2020

Choosing the best welder for home use can be difficult and challenging. With countless welding machines in the marketplace to choose from, finding the right welder requires a lot of research. There are many factors to consider when making this purchase.

First, you will have to know which type of welding you will be doing. Stick and MIG welding are the most common types of home welding, so you want to look at machines that are for those welding types. You also need to consider your budget and how much experience you have as a welder. The best welding machines that are available for professionals are not necessarily the best machine for your own home use. Keep in mind that you will need other accessories and gear to get professional results and keep yourself safe. Used or refurbished welding machines are a good option for at-home welding and are worth looking into.

Our Recommendations

Weldmark MIG 25-140

When it comes to choosing the right welder for most home use applications, look no further than the Weldmark MIG 25-140. This is an outstanding 120v MIG welder that’s affordably priced and features advanced inverter technology that allows for high-quality welds all while keeping the unit portable and lightweight. It’s capable of welding up 3/16” steel in a single pass, includes a spot timer that allows for better control over your welds, and is spool gun ready for welding aluminum. This is a well-built machine that has an aluminum drive roll assembly and comes with a 3-year warranty on all components inside the power source. Whether you are a hobbyist or experienced welder, the Weldmark MIG 25-140 will not disappoint.

Lincoln SP 140T

The Lincoln SP 140T is another MIG welder that’s great for your home welding projects. It is a 120 Volt compact wire welder with a simple tapped voltage control that wields a wide 30-140 amps output range that makes finding the correct voltage easy. This welding machine features a “no-hassle” design for wire spool mounting, is spool gun capable, and has the toughest PC Board protection in the business. Lincoln Electric is one of the best brands in the welding business and you can be assured you’re getting a high-quality welding machine you can count on.

Depending on your welding goals and level of experience, there are many other great welding machines available as well. At Vern Lewis Welding Supply we offer the highest quality welding equipment to help you get the job done right and safely. We have 9 locations throughout the state of Arizona and offer in-house consulting on most of the equipment sold at our company. If you need assistance picking out the welding machine that is right for you, contact us today!

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