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What You Need to Know to Start Welding

July 12, 2018 5:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a welder? Perhaps you wandered into a welding shop in Phoenix, AZ and thought it would be wonderful to be able to create the things you saw the technicians crafting. How can you make that happen? Every industry has its trade secrets and essentials to get started, and welding is no exception. If you are interested in pursuing this skill as a hobby or career, there are a few things you need to know at the outset. Here’s a list of the five “Ps” you need to get started. Protection... View Article

Give Us a Call for All of Your Welding Supply Needs!

June 26, 2018 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As a technique, welding has changed tremendously since it was first developed. Welding is an essential aspect of construction, manufacturing, mechanical repair and reinforcing steel materials. Regardless of the specific application, it’s important that welders understand the welding process in depth and have the training, experience and resources necessary to complete this process safely and effectively. If you’re just entering into a career in welding, you might be having a hard time knowing where to start. Getting trained in welding is one thing, but actually applying your knowledge can be daunting. It can help to have a trusted welding supply... View Article

Staying Safe While Using Welding Equipment in Phoenix, AZ

June 12, 2018 10:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Welding, by its nature, is a dangerous process. Without the proper training and experience, welders are susceptible to major injuries or even death as a result of an on-the-job accident. Even workers who have been safely using welding equipment in Phoenix, AZ for decades can still sustain injuries unless they take all of the appropriate safety precautions. While most people immediately think about heavy gloves and facemasks when they consider welding safety, it’s equally important to focus on respiratory safety. Respiratory safety is monitored by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) because of how dangerous improper respiration can... View Article

Make Sure You Come to Us for All of Your Welding Gas Needs

May 25, 2018 6:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Welding machines are complex pieces of equipment that use electric currents to superheat and melt metals. Welding machines are capable of binding two independent pieces of metal, as well as cutting and reinforcing singular metal sheets and beams. Welding machines employ a shielding gas to protect the welded area from moisture and oxygen while it is formed and while it initially cools. This shielding action ensures a smooth welded bead that is strong and durable. There are myriad different types of welding shield gases available, and choosing the type of welding gas in Phoenix, AZ to use for your application... View Article

Interested in Learning More About Welding? Join One of Our Welding Classes!

May 11, 2018 6:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The best employees and hobbyists are lifelong learners. Whether you’ve never touched a welding torch in your life or are an experienced welding professional hoping to perfect your skills, there are a number of benefits you may experience by taking part in a welding class. Taking a welding class from a trusted local welding institution is a great way to learn and make connections in the industry. Here are just some of the reasons to consider joining welding classes in Phoenix, AZ: High earning potential: Did you know that many entry-level welders earn incomes comparable to those possessing bachelor’s degrees?... View Article