What are the Top Welding Brands?

Jun 12, 2020

Now that you have an interest in welding, you are probably wondering about what you need to look for in tools, gear, and accessories. After the proper research, training, guidance, and experimentation, the next step is to acquire your own equipment. Like so many professional industries that have been around for a while, the welding industry has many good brands of equipment to choose from. You need to get the equipment that best fits the type of welding you’re going to do, that’s good quality, and fits into your budget. At Vern Lewis Welding Supply we sell Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB Plasma brand welders.

Let’s talk about these three brands:

MILLER ELECTRIC: The Miller Electric Mfg. company has been around a while, starting in 1929 with headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. Miller Electric offers high-quality welding products and is one of the most recognized brands in the welding industry. Miller Electric has all different types of welders for the different types of welding including TIG, MIG, and Stick welding. Miller Electric is confident that they have the right welding equipment for you.

For more information about Miller Electric equipment check out their website: www.millerwelds.com 

LINCOLN ELECTRIC WELDING: Lincoln Electric is an international welding company that was founded in 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio by brothers John C. Lincoln and James F. Lincoln. Lincoln Electric is a global leader in welding equipment and accessories, automation, cutting equipment, training equipment, and other retail products. Like the other companies, Lincoln has all types of welding machines. Lincoln Electric also an industry leader in retail, safety, and education along with professional welding machines.

For more information about Lincoln Electric visit: www.lincolnelectric.com

ESAB: Vern Lewis is a distributor for ESAB Welding products. For over 100 years ESAB has offered a full slate of products and solutions for almost every welding process in over 80 countries with 26 manufacturing factories on four continents. The yellow welding machines with names like Rebel, Renegade and Warrior are strong, robust and reliable, and are filled with the latest technology. Contact Vern Lewis Welding for more information and pricing on all ESAB products.

For more about ESAB go to their website: www.esabna.com

Okay, so those are three of what are generally considered the leading brands of welding equipment and they are all reliable and strong. There are others of course, including:

-Hobart Welders
-LOTOS Technology
-Everlast Welders

Finding the right welding equipment to fit your goals and budget can be a challenging task. If you need assistance choosing the right welding equipment, contact a Vern Lewis Welding Supply store today and an associate can help!

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