Buying Used Welding Equipment

May 29, 2020

Whether you are a novice just starting on your welding journey or a long time professional in the field, getting good tools and gear can get expensive. When looking at less-expensive options for purchasing welding equipment, used and/or refurbished equipment can be a great choice. In this article, we will cover some of the benefits of buying used welding equipment and outline a few things you want to look for when making your purchase.

Welding equipment is typically tough, durable, and made to last. A used welder doesn’t mean that the machine isn’t any good or is of low quality, it just means that the machine has been used for a while and was probably traded in by the original user for a newer model. There are many expert sellers, like Vern Lewis Welding Supply, who offer quality, used welders for great deals.

The refurbished welder is not that much different than the used ones. The refurbished welder has been used by someone else, then taken to the shop to get updated and gussied-up to look like a brand new welder. Refurbished welders are usually a little more expensive than used welders. If you’re looking for a welder with quality features and a new look for a cheaper price, then the refurbished welder is for you.

Most people know that welding machines come in a wide range of options and features. Newer machines keep getting better and more efficient to keep up with growing demand. As previously mentioned, welding machines are usually made sturdy and strong, to last a long time, and include the latest technology and more options than in the past. Professional welders trade-in their machines so they can buy the latest models.

Before you purchase and start working with a used welding machine, look closely at the welding handle for damage. Depending on the type of damage, a broken handle could expose you to electrical shock. Replacing a Stick handle is usually cheaper than with MIG and TIG handles. Check the body for damage and be sure to check all the connections, cables, and switches to see if they’re loose. Also, make sure you’re getting enough power for your welding needs. An important item to consider when buying a MIG welder is the thickness of the metal that you want to weld. The thicker the metal, the more power the welder needs. If a welder needs more than 100 volts it will most likely need its own power supply.

When purchasing used or refurbished welding equipment you want to buy from a reliable source you can trust. At Vern Lewis Welding Supply we offer quality used equipment at a fair price. We also sell reconditioned units and factory demo units at a substantial discount. Our used equipment meets factory specifications and, in most cases, includes an in-house warranty. Visit our used equipment page to learn more.

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