What Is Carbon Arc Welding?

May 20, 2020

Even people who have never picked up a welder in their lifetime likely understand the basic concept behind arc welding. A heated torch, or welder, creates an electric arc between a metal electrode located on the end of the welder and the piece of metal being worked on. Heat is applied until the end of that metal piece is malleable. Then, the heated metal is bonded with another piece of metal via the application of pressure. The metal bond is cooled, and voila: where once there were two pieces of metal, now there’s just one.

Carbon arc welding takes this concept a step further by replacing the metal electrode with a carbon electrode. This process has been around for years, and its applications have only increased. Read on while we further explain carbon arc welding.

Two primary types of carbon arc welding:

There are two significant types of carbon arc welding: single arc and twin arc welding. The only functional difference between the two types of carbon arc welding is the number of electrodes used. As the names would imply, a single arc carbon welder uses one electrode and creates an arc between the electrode and the workpiece. The twin arc welder creates an arc between two electrodes—the workpiece doesn’t actually become part of the circuit.

Here’s what you’ll need:

To get the job done right, you’ll need some specialized tools for the carbon arc welding process:

  • Power: The carbon arc welding process requires a big power boost, up to 600 amps. If you’re using a twin arc carbon welder, make sure you use an alternating current power source. Otherwise, you could end up disintegrating the electrode.
  • Electrode holder: There are several options when choosing a holder, but when it comes to carbon arc welding in Phoenix, AZ, a water-cooled holder is the best option due to the excessive heat involved in the carbon welding process.

Depending on the job at hand, you may also require a filler metal. You can ask about that possibility when you’re purchasing or renting your welder.

Why choose carbon arc welding?

For some people, carbon arc welding is the perfect option for their needs. Carbon arc welding offers a cheap solution for most welding needs, since the overall equipment needs are minimal. What’s more, carbon arc welding can be applied to an incredibly diverse array of materials. The final product, when you’re using a carbon arc welder, tends to be lighter than the alternative, as well.

All the supplies you need:

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