The Importance of Preventative Maintenance of Welding Equipment

May 17, 2021

In your lifetime, you’ve probably heard the infamous, old adage saying of “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure,” from Benjamin Franklin. The saying rings true for all facets of life, from healthcare and agricultural needs to home-owning and car maintenance. In today’s modern times, it also encompasses the need to care for machinery and manufacturing equipment to ensure business productivity and success.

One of the most important areas of preventative maintenance is welding equipment. Welding equipment and machines are often tasked with some of the most critical and precise manufacturing needs, ensuring the safety of everything from automobiles to oil rigs, electronic appliances, and even the construction of bridges. 

At Vern Lewis Welding Supply, our highly trained Arizona welding professionals can help you keep your products performing at the highest quality. With our preventative maintenance services, you will keep your business operating at its peak levels and reduce the potential for larger and more costly problems. Caring for your equipment can:

Reduce Downtime

The more attention you pay to the health and operation of your welding machine, the less time it spends out of commission. When equipment is not properly working, it can stop production until the issue is fixed. Depending on the scale of your operation, this inactive period can cause heavy backups, and decreased quality — especially when it is unplanned. 

However, planned downtime can have the opposite effect. This can include regular cleaning, lubricating and minor adjustments that can enhance the efficiency of the machine. While it still may have an impact on the overall productivity, it can be factored into schedules, output demands, and budgets without added stress. 

Decrease Costs 

When a machine breaks down, it can be costly. It can put you behind in schedule, meaning less efficiency on the floor, and possibly less work for your employees.  But beyond time loss and loss of productivity, a broken machine can also mean unplanned expenses and high costs of repair or replacement.  

You may notice your equipment is running too hot, has an erratic arc, has severe splatter problems, or problems with the wire feed. These can be rather simple problems to correct, with proper cleaning or tightening of parts — or more complex, with significant repairs needed for the internal components. With proper maintenance and preventive care services, many of these problems can easily be addressed early-on to mitigate any larger, more problematic issues. 

Ensure Product Quality

One of the other benefits of appropriately caring for and maintaining your welding equipment is to ensure quality performance. One of the reasons why many companies choose welding equipment over nuts-and-bolts procedures is because it is more precise and enhances the overall strength of the product. When your equipment is not properly functioning, it can cause errors in precision and when it must be completed to a tenth of a degree, there is no room for error. 

Don’t take the chance of having this problem happen to you. The team at Vern Lewis Welding Supply can clean and calibrate your equipment to ensure function and performance. 

Elevate the Machine Lifespan

Within the machine, the engine needs the utmost care and maintenance to prevent damages or failure. One of the best ways to care for your motor is by ensuring proper oil levels and routine oil changes. Just like in a car, motor oil lubricates all the essential internal components of an engine, preventing interior corrosion and friction that may disrupt efficiency.

If the oil level is too low, or too high, it can also cause the engine and filtration systems to fail or seize. Establishing a regular maintenance routine is a simple and effective way to care for all of your equipment and ensure optimal performance throughout its lifespan. 

Depend on the Experts 

Since 1969, the team at Vern Lewis Welding Supply has serviced companies and customers throughout Arizona. Our staff is trained on the most modern equipment, and is certified in repairs for Lincoln, Miller, Thermal Dynamics, Kohler, and more. 

If you are in need of preventative maintenance services for your welding equipment –  we can help! Contact us today for additional information.

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